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See what others can’t
with new clarity

Introducing the Sgx Clarity® System from Singulex


See the Unseeable Through
a BioRemarkable Lens

Introducing the Sgx Clarity® system from Singulex, powered by Single Molecule Counting technology.
Now, clinicians have the power to distinguish healthy patients from those who are not.

  • Up to 1000 times more sensitive than contemporary immunoassay platforms
  • Enables unprecedented precision and digital detection of low-abundance biomarkers
  • Fully automated immunodiagnostics platform

Singulex Is Revolutionising Immunodiagnostics to Transform Healthcare

Singulex is a true innovator in ultra-sensitive diagnostics and is committed to its vision of delivering absolute certainty for the BioRemarkable ability to rule out disease. Please check back often for updates.